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Xplosion provides wearable sensors coupled with The Homer Technique™ to provide training staff comprehensive reports about each athletes susceptibility to injury. With this information we can characterize the body, set expectations for it, and determine what is needed to finish strong.

Talent & Risk Identification

Xplosion delivers Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Athletic Trainers with comprehensive reports to determine an athlete's injury risk.

Fatigue Management

Xplosion generates Fatigue Assesment reports to benchmark the intensity of workouts and increase the threshold of fatigue to raise endurance.

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Performance & Rehabilitation

Xplosion provides objective data to test the readiness of players before they return to play.


Xplosions unique algorithms are embedded in our web and mobile application to allow key personnel to track injuries over time and in the future.

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How it works

The Homer Technique™ powered by Xplosion Technology uses acceptable scientific theories and protocols to provide scientifically validated results. These protocols include the Y-Balance Test (YBT) and electromyography (EMG). YBT is a validated performance test that is perfect for injury prediction because it identifies muscle efficiencies and inefficiencies. EMG is a universally accepted form of evaluation and is used to evaluate electrical activity in muscles. Through these processes we are able to utilize technology to extrapolate information from a muscle. To gather these results we have identified superficial primary stabilizers in the leg that stabilize the knee, foot, and ankle which allow us to examine and extrapolate information from a muscles contribution to the instance of injury in the leg.



Xplosion leverage validated techniques like the Y-Balance test to identify key risk areas in conjunction with EMG sensors.



Xplosion's Risk Management system highlights trends for an entire team to pinpoint key risk factors during workout regiments.



Xplosion utilizes authorized suggestions by clinicians to recommend to each athlete to mitigate their risk of injury.

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Collect and manage your rosters injury reports.

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and monitor your players progression to return to play

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Pull recommendations from our cloud
database from our respected list of clinicians


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